Light skin: Results already after a few days?

This page is not about products that are expensive. I am listing only the products that I think work for people of all ages.

I am a light skinned woman and have been buying and reviewing products for women and light skin. This site is an attempt to promote products and to educate others who are interested in the products to take the necessary time to learn about the ingredients and then make the necessary informed decisions for their skin type. I started this site to be able to link other people to help each other in our skin care journey. I hope that my light skin and light skinned posts will help others to find the products they might not know about. Please share with us your favorite products on this site and we'll add to our collection. We do have some products that are light skinned, but we cannot sell them. Light Skinned Products Light Skinned Popsicles: I first tried them in the summer of 2010 when they were on sale at Costco. I was a little disappointed because they had no flavor, and they were very dark, but they were so delicious! I started drinking them regularly and the skin color is now better than ever! I also used them as a lightening cream at night to make my face more smooth. A lot of products don't work, but they don't work for me.

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Perfect white

Mathilda Shepherd

Perfect white is probably the best solution for fair skin. Dozens of happy consumers have already p...